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Pentax K200D DSLR

 Pentax K200D DSLR
Just over a month ago, we got word that Pentax could be readying a pair of new DSLRs, and now it seems that we’ve been blessed with a plethora of shots of the K200D. ‘Course, we suppose they could be doctored, but we just don’t believe someone would spend that much time working up Pentax fakes, ya know? Regardless, feel free to hit the read link and check out what’s probably the outfit’s next shooter — or some mighty fine ‘shops, worst case scenario.

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Nintendo’s DS overtakes PlayStation 2 in lifetime Japanese sales

Nintendo’s DS overtakes PlayStation 2 in lifetime Japanese sales
We already knew Nintendo‘s DS was quite the popular handheld, and while the PSP recently overtook it in Japanese hardware sales, the most recent numbers show that the Big N’s famed DS has actually rocketed above the mighty PlayStation 2 in lifetime sales (in Japan). Notably, the numbers do combine DS and DS Lite units, but there’s no mention of how the systems stack up worldwide. Nevertheless, the feat is a fairly impressive one when you consider how much longer the PS2 has been available compared to the DS, and unless Sony somehow lightens the PS2 load even further and starts bundling them in with cereals, we doubt it will reclaim the top spot anytime soon.

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Rudy GiulianiRudy Giuliani makes pitch for personal health insurance and accounts makes pitch for personal health insurance and accounts

Republican Rudy Giuliani is promoting his health care plan in central Iowa.

The presidential candidate spoke today to about 120 people in Fort Dodge. He says his plan would cut by half the nation’s health care costs and let people personalize health insurance policies to meet their needs.

Giuliani says that for his plan to work, he needs more than 60 million Americans to buy their own health insurance and open personal health savings accounts.

Giuliani says he would push for a $15,000 personal income tax exemption to let families buy their own policies. Families could keep whatever amount is left over to open a personal health account.

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