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Olympus Digital Camera

Olympus Digital Camera

There’s no point denying the stronghold that Nikon and Canon currently have over the high-end enthusiast and professional digital SLR market, but that’s not to say it will stay that way forever – especially when Olympus can produce a competitive unit with all the appropriate stylings and functions expected of a semi/professional DSLR: introducing the Olympus E-3.

Upon initial handling it is obvious that the E-3 is ready to play it with the big boys: its rugged metal alloy body weighs 810g (without lens), is as solid as a rock and equally durable, and has weatherproof sealing that means dust and splashes needn’t be a concern. There are upwards of 30 buttons, dials and input/outputs on the body alone, not to mention a 270-degree 2.5” swivel HyperCrystal LCD screen. So, if you haven’t had DSLR experience before, take a deep breath and get ready for a whole new shooting experience!

Be warned though, you will need to read the comprehensive 156-page instruction manual cover-to-cover in order to get the most out of the E-3. Thankfully, it does double as a shooting guide with hints and tips for most situations included and you won’t be too overwhelmed with excessive camera-speak – just simple explanations and diagrams throughout.

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