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Chunnel fire set to bring days of traffic misery

The M20 could be turned into a giant lorry park tonight to cope with the traffic backlog caused by the Channel Tunnel closure.

Eurotunnel suspended all services following after a “serious” fire broke out seven miles from the French entrance to the tunnel.

As a result police have warned they may have to use Operation Stack to cope with the freight traffic unable to cross the Channel.

This could stay in effect for several days until the damage to the tunnel can be repaired and reopened – and the traffic backlog cleared.

A fire alarm sounded in the north-running tunnel at around 2.55pm UK time this afternoon (Thursday).

The French fire brigade were already on site dealing with a fire on a freight shuttle travelling from Folkestone to Calais, so responded quickly.

A Eurotunnel spokesman said the shuttle was evacuated and 32 people taken into the service tunnel.

A train was dispatched from the French side to pick up the people from the service tunnel and take them back to Calais.

Chunnel Fire

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