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Greatest American Dog Show

Greatest American Dog Winner – Travis and Presley

Wow – my favorites won the “Greatest American Dog” title – oh yes, and a $250,000 prize!

Travis, a handsome, charismatic guy, and his boxer, Presley, a 16-month-old pup, took home the grand dogbone prize tonight (pictured here).

It was a close call between the winners and Laurie and Andrew, the smartest, best behaved Maltese I – and the judges – have ever seen. But it seems the separation anxiety that Andrew had (yes, Laurie, he had that big time) was the deciding factor in the competition.

Greatest American Dog Winner

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  1. Well, no, sorry, Andrew does not have separation anxiety and any qualified behaviorist would confer. Separation anxiety is a very serious dog behavior disorder that manifest in anxiety, stress, destructive behavior and self mutilation. A dog merely choosing to find his owner is not synonymous with that severe disorder and Actual Reality Pictures, CBS and Wendy Diamond were all grossly irresponsible in portraying Andrew in that manner. Andrew was the only dog ever required to remain with other people while off leash. Galaxy, too, would have left the arena to find JD if she had been given the opportunity. If Presley would have been given the opportunity to be off leash in the arena, he would have run around the ring uncontrollably. I warned Actual Reality Pictures that I would not stand quietly for them to slander Andrew in this manner. Andrew was arguably the most well adjusted dog in the competition. That is one of the reasons he made it as far as he did. He was one of the few who didn’t suffer from infections, gastrointestinal issues, exhaustion and other stress induced disorders.

    Comment by Laurie Willams | September 11, 2008 | Reply

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