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Paul Newman Dead

Paul Newman

Paul Newman, the blue-eyed leading man who starred in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, died Friday at 83 after a long battle with cancer.

Newman was nominated six times for an Academy Award before he took home the best-actor honour for The Color of Money (1986).

Part of a new breed of leading men who took Hollywood by storm in the late 1950s and ’60s, his striking blue eyes and blond hair made him a favourite of woman fans, but he often chose roles that were far from conventional.

He played the anti-hero — most notably, in Cool Hand Luke (1967), where he starred as a man who refuses to conform to life in a rural prison, in Butch Cassidy (1969), in which he played an outlaw, and in The Sting (1973), playing a con man.

Paul Newman Dead

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Who Won the Debate Mccain Obama

Who Won the Debate Mccain Obama

McCain, Obama fight for title of ‘most qualified’
In their first head-to-head debate Friday, Sen. John McCain criticized Sen. Barack Obama as a candidate who “doesn’t understand” the key issues the country faces, and Obama linked McCain to President Bush on several issues.

Who Won the Debate Mccain Obama

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ITI Results Karnataka

Karnataka ITI Results

http://www.kar.nic.in/resultscts is the site where you can get to see the ITI results from Karnataka. When you type this URL, it is redirecting to another site http://nitpu3.kar.nic.in/emptrng/defaultcts.htm. Due to the sudden heavy load on the site, none of these pages are responding.

Karnataka ITI Results

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Mehrauli Bomb Blast – NDTV, Aaj Tak, Delhi Blast Photos

Mehrauli Blast
Mehrauli Blast

At least three people are reportedly killed in Delhi’s Mehrauli area in a bomb blast. Mehrauli is a busy market in capital’s posh South Delhi area. More than 50 people have also been injured in the blast.

Though people are saying that two bikers left the bomb in the area, police is yet to confirm the nature of the blats. It has still to issue a definite number of the people killed there.
Mehrauli Bomb Blast – NDTV, Aaj Tak, Delhi Blast Photos

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Bomb Blast in Mehrauli – Delhi

Blast in Mehrauli

At least 5 people killed and more than 18 injured as a bomb exploded in a crowded market in south Delhi.

The explosion, that comes a fortnight after serial blasts rocked the national Capital, took place in the Mehrauli market area on Saturday afternoon, a senior police official says.

According to police sources and eyewitness reports, two youth on a motorbike drove past the crowded market and dropped a black bag.

Blast in Delhi, Blast in Mehrauli, Latest News in Delhi

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Eid Greetings, Eid Messages, Eid SMS

Eid Greetings

Eid Messages

Eid SMS, Eid Messages, Eid Wishes

Eid Greetings, Eid Messages, Eid SMS, Eid Wishes, Eid Cards

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Sarah Palin Hot Photo, Sara Palin Bikini Picture

Sarah Palin in American-Flag Bikini
Sara Palin Bikini

Status: Fake

Come to find out, pictures of bikini-clad girls posing with rifles and handguns are quite a popular fetish online (who knew?). I had to sift through dozens of redundant (to my taste) images on Google before finding the original used in this Photoshop job, but it did finally turn up in the photostream of a Flickr user named Doctor Casino. The picture, of a model named Elizabeth, was taken in Georgia in 2006.

Sarah Palin Hot Photo

Sarah Palin Hot Photos, Sarah Palin Pictures

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Debate Results,Poll Results,Obama Mccain Debate Results

The Debate Scorecard, With Mixed Results

Here’s a summary of the smartest new political analysis on the Web:
by Gerald F. Seib and Sara Murray.

The initial reviews on the first presidential debate rolled in without a clear declaration of a winner.

The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder found “no memorable moments, fascinating body language, no major gaffes by either candidates, no major surprises. …a good debate for both men.” Ambinder writes that Sen. John McCain “did not filter himself, letting his frustration and contempt” for Sen. Barack Obama show through. Obama, in turn, “was a cool cat throughout–although I am reliably informed that GOP spinners are claiming the exact opposite. He seemed confident enough to stand up to McCain’s challenges and in a deferential way. He seemed at times to go out of his way to agree with McCain when agreement was warranted, which the McCain campaign will surely point out.”

Overall, “where McCain was shaky in the first half of the debate, he was on much firmer ground as he navigated Jim Lehrer’s broad foreign policy questions, particularly those questions which did not require McCain to defend his Iraq war. Obama agreed with McCain – and said so – almost as much as he disagreed. But he didn’t topple or stumble…Thresholds are artificial, but both candidates seemed to meet them – although Obama’s threshold was arguably higher. The press will probably conclude that McCain did not fundamentally change impressions tonight. And that Obama held his own.”

Obama Mccain Debate Results

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