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Zara Nach Ke Dikha, Zara Nach Ke Dikha Grand Finale

Zara Nach Ke Dikha

After 12 weeks of anxiety, applause, criticism, tension, disagreements & drama, the battle of sexes has reached its Grand Finale. Along with high-voltage dance, the show has always been high on strategy and skill sets, where both teams play their best cards to win the trophy for the ‘Champions of the Series’. Keeping a watchful eye on all the movements of the contestants is the none other than masterji SAROJ KHAN, who will join the judges in the finale! But to everyone’s surprise, the culmination of Zara Nachke Dikha takes a bizarre and unexpected turn, as one of the teams opts for a unique way of showing their disapproval. The unforeseen protest leaves all the 3 judges shocked and upset. Watch the biggest battle of the sexes on the dance floor end in a 3-hour nerve-wrecking special on Sunday, September 28 at 8 pm, exclusively on Star One.

Zara Nach Ke Dikha Grand Finale !

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  1. I was a regular viewer of nach kay dikha… somehow lots of time i realize that judgement of judges were not okay..

    partiality was very clear in the remarks of Chanki Panday…

    I personally think that he was only and only in favor of girls.

    In finale , there was a close marks between girls and boys. there was a difference of 1 marks…. (There should be clarity of marks in finale)

    I strongly feel. lots of time… when chetanya was on the desk in front of mauni… (mauni should be on the desk not chaitanya..) and for this Chanki panday was responsible.

    “CHANKI PANDAY should not be judge in this programme”

    jab dekho…ladkio ko patanay ki koshish karta rehta hai.

    and malaika was playing very slow game against boys….whenever chanki say anyting against boys… she praise girls very loudly … and declare girls as a winner…
    winner of shadow dance were girls.. but face to face dance winner must be the boys..

    This game was planned for the winning of girls.. and chanki is fully responsible for this…

    Gagan Dhingra

    Comment by gagan dhingra | September 29, 2008 | Reply

  2. Most biased judging in the grand finale. Their was no way that Bakhtiyar should be made to lose all times by Malliaka. Even in nach baliye Mallaika’s biased judgment led to his outser and the bias continued in zara nachke. It is essential that in reality shows everything should not be left on the judges alone. I wonder how can saroj khan be part of such biased judgements against a particular person. The judges spoiled the grand finale totally.

    Comment by varun gupta | September 29, 2008 | Reply

  3. judgement sucks !! chunki says that he want to do sex change operation i say do chunki i will give u money coz u appko ladke haone ka koi haq nahi hain ap hamesha ladkiyon ko support karte ho . chunki sucks … !!

    Comment by mohit | September 29, 2008 | Reply

  4. ok baba good very good

    Comment by archana | September 29, 2008 | Reply

  5. It was a sad ending of a great show… And all was beacuse of that idiot fatty aunty… Saroj khan and that silly malaika arora… and that chakka Chunky pandey….

    Bhaktiyar’s dance was awesome in the first round… and in the Face Off round… He was the clear winner… But that saroj khan stupid who think’s herself as she is the best dancer in the world and nobody else knows dancing….
    That fat aunty has so much of attitude…she should learn from lot of other choreographers that have better dancing abilities than her… and have no attitude….

    Boys got cheated in the whole grande finale… And there decision of doing protest was absouletely correct…

    They did the correct thing… saale saare judges got nude at the show.. ha ha… malaika’s face was worth of looking….

    Comment by jimmy | September 29, 2008 | Reply

  6. Saroj khan sucks……. and was there the whole show…..
    All judge ment biased…….

    Comment by Subash | September 29, 2008 | Reply

  7. Mates,i thought the judgement could go either ways for most of the rounds and i would gladly agree to the judges’ decision in all of the rounds except the first round. That was very clearly bakhtiyars round. The judges were clear in pointing out that the lady bachchan was sometimes awkward however Baktiyar on his front had done a decent job of it. The only point the judges made was that it was a conundrum of all of the earlier performances.. not a crime, mind you. When this round went in the girls favour, it brought out unwanted pressure on the boys which affected all future performances. Totally unnecessary at that point. When the decisions kept repeating themselves – more so because of too much effort on the part of the boys. I think the judges should have acted in a more mature manner. It was just not justice if you have the entire set decked against you. Anyways, i still believe that the men should have responded in a decent manner and gone about their rounds without putting up too much of resentment. After all this is national TV

    Comment by Aladdin | September 29, 2008 | Reply

  8. So bad judgemnent.Malaika And chunkey spiled the show.and boysconfidence level harassed .Boys are not looser they are the winner

    Comment by Lina | September 29, 2008 | Reply

  9. personally think that these judges were not meant for thi show.If Maliaka says in favor of girls then Chunky had to say yes as he had no say in thi issue.I think judges only wanted girls to win which they don’t deserve.I dont think we can ever watch & enjoy these judges.They don’t deserve on that chair & not good dancers like GAURAV OR bHAKTIYAR.

    Comment by jess | September 29, 2008 | Reply

  10. I think people around me in N.J. will always criticize this prog.NO body enjoys or agree with comments Maliaka says as she always tried to criticize the boys.I don’t know who enjoys her dancing. They degraded themselves by showing third class behaviour & Chunky should become real saheli of MALIAKA & MILAO HA ME HA

    Comment by SAGAR | September 29, 2008 | Reply

  11. Judges spoiled the show totally. Malaika can never be a good judge, and chunkey (sex maniac) should be hanged to girls desk only.

    Malaika – She palyed a good diplomatic judge, favoured gurls in every episode, ok, guys were supported to but her favourism for gurls was unfair.

    Chunkey – Loose charachter is the word i would like to use, bloody hell, dont even know ‘J’ of judgement and came to decide who will win that toooo btwn GUYS and GIRLS. I would never ever like to c him on judge’s chair.

    Saroj Ji – Please dont come to such shows, i was so shocked wen i heard ur name, ur coming as special judge. That two btwn such judges, whu were in full favour of gurls from the 1st episode. No MAM plzz dont come with such judges.

    Guys – U really rocked, believe me, and being a gurl i wud love to say u were better than gurls every day. CHAITANYA I LOVE UUUUUUU, GAURAV PLZZ LEAVE NARAYANI, ALI BHAI UR THE SWEETEST OF ALL, AMIT UR HOTTTT, VIKAS UR EYES R SO GOOOOOOOD, AMEY PLZZZ MARRY ME, MANISH PLZZZZ GET SHAVED πŸ˜› juz kiddin, UR THE DUDEEE SMART COOL STYLISH AND WITH BEST SMILEEE, BAKHTIYAR U ROCK, UR COOL, SMART, SWEET, but High on attitude (Dont like it) πŸ™‚ Dont know wat made judges flaunt so much about gurls, (ya mauni is sexy, karishma is tall, jenniffer is so pretty) but they were judges, and they lost their job role totally. Wat u did in finals u shud have done earlier but its ok, for me u r the WINNERSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gurls – U are so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, MAUNI u r sooo cool sexy smart, jennifer soo prettyyyyyyyyyy, delnazz so cuteeee, ashita HOTTTT, Karishma IM JEALOUS OF U, RUPALI look so INNOCENT….. Swini ur a sweetheart, narayani simplest of allll :)sorry gurls, being a gurl dont knw y, i dint liked ur winning, that was bad sad and full of favourism, i noticed, we r gang of 11 gurls (all noticed) dont knw bout other gurls but NO, for us guys r winners in every senseeee….. Not blaming u, all judge’s fault. but u ROCKED………..


    Comment by Anjali | September 29, 2008 | Reply

  12. Hi i like this show i was watching this show from begning and i like both of theteams but i dont say girls dint do well but boys they are good compared to girls,but comes to this judges i really dont like chunkey panday i dont like his behaviour why i dont know he always follow mallika why does he follow her and when mallike is supporting girls then chunkey has to support boys he dint do that iam very sad about that which he is not suppose to do, please in future please dont allow these two to be as judges,and when it comes to saroj khan i dont know why she was shouting on boys i think she thinks that she is the only one dancer in the universe i think she is wrost dancer in the universe pleaseeeeeeee dont allow her to come in any show in future shows.

    Comment by vamsi | September 29, 2008 | Reply

  13. Is it a bad thing being a good dancer? who ever who danced with Bhaktiyar was praised & rewarded only b’cos Bhaktiyar is so fantastic.This is not the correct judgment.He tried so lot of variation b’cos of him we on television cud see so many dance forms and the poor guy was in turn penalised,so bad….

    AUR THE GREAT MALAIKA how was her dance? SAROJji zara unka bhi tape dekho…..mundi hilane se dance nahin hota….she repeated so many steps and i feel she just copied those steps from the dances wht she had seen on the show….

    so in conclusion boys team with SEVEN members LOST to other team which had ELEVEN members….

    Comment by sachin | September 30, 2008 | Reply

  14. boys r true winners………………….
    judges jst get lost they dnt even know how 2 judge
    n boys done very good job in d finale and bhaktiyar who rocked in first round and face off and in face off ashita is nowhere comparable 2 bhakthiyar……….
    they have done wonderful job by protesting the judgement

    Comment by praneeth | September 30, 2008 | Reply

  15. Hi, I think the way the judges have treated Baktiyar in the final is really bad. I agree he is self obsessed and probably judges wd hav thought to teach him a lesson, but I think this is a dance show and they sd. judge the dance. Specially the first round, no doubt karishma was good but Baktiyar was far better. I think Saroj ji has a problem with Baktiyar, even in Nach Baliye he deserved to win…Really Baktiyar you sd. not participate in any reality show. The judges dont deserve to judge the outstanding talent you have.

    Comment by Ekta | September 30, 2008 | Reply

  16. chunki is hopless judge… and he do hopless judgement, I dont understand how he became judge. No quality judgement. chunki better to do sex change operations, you require to do. All 8 boys taken correct decision. I feel any shows if chunki is judge, then no need to watch the show.

    Comment by Amay | October 1, 2008 | Reply

  17. THIS IS A DISGRACE ON THE Boyz side! IF they dun’t have the sportsmanship to accept the decsion then y the hell r they entering a competition just sit at home nd show ur talent in front of the mirror so u can b pleased by it urself nd luk at the bright side no 1 wud b there to judge the boyz so take this advice nd go take a hike to the lozer boyz the gurlz hve won fair nd square it waz just their male ego tht cudn’t accept tht the girlz were better nd u can’t compare ur decsion with the professional judges who have been in this profession muuuuuuuch more than u have. THE GIRLS ROCK bcoz they won with dignity!

    Comment by suN10 | October 1, 2008 | Reply

  18. Really… Chunki need to change his sex as he will be more comfortable in getting pounded by these 8 guys:P … even his decision totally based on malaika’s opinion… in finale, Bhaktiyaar did very well but malaika feels jealous by his performance she cant dance like him.. the performance she did in finale was sucks and it was like repetitive not a single step was new or innovative…

    in my opinion guyzz are the best…

    Comment by Aamir | October 2, 2008 | Reply

  19. I have watched this show from day one and I have to say many times I thought that the boys may have done better in some dances. I think Malaika was a bit bias and I though Chunky had many opportunities to correct some of these decisions, but he never did it’s almost like he agreed to everything Malaika did or wanted. I am happy for the girls and in seeing what the end results were I know they won fairly however it does not change the fact that judges need to be unbiased and play by the rules. Because they are regarded for their experience and hired for their qualifications of being able to unbaisely judge such a program they should have conducted themselves in a more professional manner. I know that Saroj Khan is by no means an ordinary choreographer however she should not have showed her anger and use harsh words the way she did on national television. I thought she could have dealt with this differently and show her dignity since she was a guest judge on the show. Though I don’t agree with what the boys did I still say they were unfairly treated.

    Comment by NK | October 3, 2008 | Reply

  20. I have been a regular follower of Zara Nachke Dikha….The following is what I see:-

    Choice of Judges was shit and I reason to say so:

    a. Chunky has no bloody sense about dance..Keeps jumping around Maliaka and copying her and has no mind of his own. The only thing he has been right about is that he really should get a sex change..

    b. Malaika Arora Khan???Who is Malaika Arora Khan…just one other item girl who made it big because of one number which she is hanging onto even today. One could easily make out that in the finals, in the no. done by her, the guy was doing all the dance….any of the meethi churiyaan could beat the daylights out of her any day any time….she needs a reality check.

    Baised Judging

    Malaika one can make out has been baised and purposely been destroying the boy side under agenda. She has no bloody sense…take the pop and lock dance…she didnt know about it…she didnt bother to find out about it….the girls did a hip hop dance….what does Malaika say “I always keep saying do dances which look goof on you and not what is required to be done”…..what crap….she kept defending that all through the game show….she is one hell of a baised judge…and should be kicked out.

    Judging Not Dance But Person Dancing

    After Bhaktiar finished his dance in the finals solo….Malaika was the first person to say…Stage breaking dance but expected of Bhaktiar and repitative…the same sentiment was echoed by all others immediately….
    Boss its the finals the dance perfection counts and not the capability of the person….How come the judges were allowed to judge the person instead of the performance.



    Comment by PA | October 4, 2008 | Reply

  21. Dance lovers cringed on their seats when the best dancer of em all BHAKTIYAR was treated like shit by two ladies who are self obsessesed – Ms.Malaika Arora khan & Saroj ‘the idiotic’ Khan.

    Never before have decisions been so bad and it was a fitting end to a show that promised a lot but deceived in the end. The organisors did everything right but forgot the main thing – THE JUDGES !!

    What on earth was Chunkey Pandey doing in a Dance Show??
    Totalllllllll Crapppp .. Bhaktiyar’s guys , U WIN !!

    Comment by Raj | October 6, 2008 | Reply

  22. LUN Pay Charho

    Comment by Kami | October 9, 2008 | Reply


    Comment by ZOYA | October 17, 2008 | Reply

  24. I don’t like judges of the show they been more about girls. I hate Sarooj Khan and the way she behaved was totally sick. I am disappointed to see the end of a great show. Jugement was biased in this show. I am not saying girl’s team was not good but the way show ended was shocking.

    Comment by fari | November 3, 2008 | Reply

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