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Gandhi Jayanti SMS

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Kidnap Movie Review

Kidnap Hindi Movie

Kidnap Movie Review

Movie: Kidnap
Cast: Sanjay Dutt, Imran Khan, Minissha Lamba, Vidya Malvade, Rahul Dev and Reema Lagoo
Director: Sanjay Gadhvi

Kidnap movie starts in a different manner unlike others, which depicts the suffering of the hero in his jail tenure in forms of sketches. By seeing that one comes to know how much the poor chap had suffered and is filled with utmost hatred with the person who had put him behind the bars.

Kidnap Hindi Movie

Kidnap Movie has the same old stuffs with the same old storyline. There is nothing new or interesting in Kidnap to watch. It has the same zest as we saw in the movie ‘Zinda’. It has the same old revenge seeking formula. One does something wrong in childhood and repents for it later in his adulthood. The tag line, “Bachpan ki karne, aur Jawani mein bharni” surely goes the way.

Kidnap Movie Review

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Drona Review

Drona Movie

Drona Movie Review

Movie: Drona
Star Cast: Abhishek Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Kay Kay Menon, Jaya Bachchan
Director: Goldie Behl
What a load of trash! Feels like forty years worth of super hero films of the East and the West recycled to create this film. When an orphaned Drona as a child is forced to live with his abusive aunt and spoilt cousin you are forcefully reminded of Harry Potter then you’re plunged into a crass imitation of 1980s video game like atmosphere that is supposedly the villain’s den. Then when Drona finds his bracelet it takes you right back to Mr India. If Drona had potential, it’s been ruined by pure uninspiring film direction by Goldie Behl.

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2008 America’s Got Talent Winner Pictures, Photos, Neal E. Boyd Images

Neal E. Boyd

Neal E. Boyd

2008 America’s Got Talent Winner Pictures, Photos, Images

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Zigs.com, Who is Googling Me, Zigs

zigs.com, zigs, who is googling me

The new social networking website, zigs.com, apparently allows users to get instant emails every time someone Googles them and checks out their profile. Sign up and you’ll find out where the searcher is located, what time the search occurred and what key words were used in the search to find you on Google. Damn, there goes anonymously stalking someone on the internet.

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Neal E. Boyd – America’s Got Talent Winner 2008

Neal E. Boyd

Neal E. Boyd – America’s Got Talent Winner 2008

Neal E. Boyd has won America’s Got Talent 2008. Following the announcement he thanked his mother and gave a special shout-out to his hometown of Sikeston.

Neal Boyd is becoming a household name, especially right here in the Heartland.

As the winner of America’s Got Talent, he gets a check for $1 million and the headlin act in a Las Vegas show.

Neal is from Sikeston, Missouri and attended college at Southeast Missouri State and University of Missouri-Columbia.

His mother noticed his beautiful voice at a young age, but singing didn’t become Neal’s passion until high school.

Neal has followed his dream ever since and it took him to the national spotlight as the winner of America’s Got Talent.

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Sarah Palin Biden Debate time

Palin Biden Debate

Sarah Palin Biden Debate time

OCT 1: A Boston Globe editorial argues that Sarah Palin should be asked about banning rape kits in Thursday night’s debate.

Numerous papers look at Palin’s record as a debater. The Wall Street Journal calls her a “formidable foe.” A challenger in the 2006 Alaska gubernatorial election writes a firsthand account for the Christian Science Monitor, saying Palin is “a master of … the fine art of the nonanswer, the glittering generality.”

Palin Biden Debate Time

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Senate Vote On Bailout

Senate Passes Bailout Plan

The Senate strongly endorsed the $700 billion economic bailout plan Wednesday, leaving backers optimistic that the easy approval, coupled with an array of popular additions, would lead to House acceptance by Friday and end the legislative uncertainty that has rocked the markets.

In stark contrast to the House rejection of the plan on Monday, a bipartisan coalition of senators — including both presidential candidates — showed no hesitation in backing a proposal that had drawn public scorn, though the outpouring eased somewhat after a market plunge followed the House defeat. The Senate margin was 74 to 25 in favor of the White House initiative to buy troubled securities in an effort to avoid an economic catastrophe.

Only Senator Edward M. Kennedy, who is being treated for brain cancer, did not vote.

The presence in the Senate of both presidential candidates in the final weeks of the campaign gave weight to the moment. The political tension was clear as Senator Barack Obama walked to the Republican side of the aisle to greet John McCain, who offered a chilly look and a brief return handshake.

Mr. McCain did not make remarks on the legislation. Mr. Obama, in his speech, said the bailout plan was regrettable but necessary and he referred to the stock market drop after the House vote. “While that decline was devastating, the consequences of the credit crisis that caused it will be even worse if we do not act now,” he said.

Senate Vote On Bailout

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