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Ball Girl Great Catch

Ball Girl Great Catch
Ball Girl Great Catch Video Picked Up by MSNBC…

Youtube Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEbJcnjiyH0

The video circulating the Internet these days looks at first like any other snippet of a minor league baseball game, right down to the announcer’s play-by-play banter.

Then comes a hit to left field and, out of nowhere, the ball girl executes an amazing, Spider-Man-like move up the wall to catch the foul ball, tossing it nonchalantly back to a flabbergasted player before taking her seat again.

At this point, the 39-second video seems more like one of those outtakes you might see replayed endlessly on the big screen between innings. In fact, the video in question is an ad for Gatorade, although your only hint that that’s the case is a bottle of the sports drink that the ball girl sips upon taking her seat again.

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Juice Williams

Stopping Juice Williams is key for Trojans

Illinois quarterback’s biggest strength is his ability to carry the ball like a running back.

If there’s one thing that has frustrated USC in recent seasons, it has been defending a mobile quarterback such as Juice Williams, who operates out of a spread offense.

Vince Young was effective in this role when he led Texas to a victory over USC in the Rose Bowl two years ago, and Dennis Dixon burned them in Oregon’s win over USC this season.

In Williams, a 6-foot-2, 223-pound sophomore, the Trojans will face a different challenge. While Young and Dixon used their legs to keep plays alive and were effective passers on the move, Williams’ biggest strength is his ability to carry the ball like a running back.

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Nintendo’s DS overtakes PlayStation 2 in lifetime Japanese sales

Nintendo’s DS overtakes PlayStation 2 in lifetime Japanese sales
We already knew Nintendo‘s DS was quite the popular handheld, and while the PSP recently overtook it in Japanese hardware sales, the most recent numbers show that the Big N’s famed DS has actually rocketed above the mighty PlayStation 2 in lifetime sales (in Japan). Notably, the numbers do combine DS and DS Lite units, but there’s no mention of how the systems stack up worldwide. Nevertheless, the feat is a fairly impressive one when you consider how much longer the PS2 has been available compared to the DS, and unless Sony somehow lightens the PS2 load even further and starts bundling them in with cereals, we doubt it will reclaim the top spot anytime soon.

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