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1920 Movie

1920 movie

Rajneesh and Adahh are lovers who get married. Rajneesh is an architect and he is selected from his company to bring down an old castle somewhere in India and build it into a hotel. But there is a spirit that resides there that does not allow this to happen. In fact, two architects have been killed but Rajneesh and his wife are not aware of it. Adah gets possessed by this spirit and therein begins the story.

Director Vikram Bhatt seems to be redeeming himself with this horror flick… everything seems to be going fine till just before the intermission, when in comes Rakhi Sawant to take away the intensity of the fear that he was just building up.

No, there is nothing wrong with the Sawant girl, but just that Bhatt’s choice of introducing an item song, if I may be permitted to call it so, and more importantly choice of performer, falls flat on the screen. Rakhi comes with a lot of baggage of ‘trying to be there’ and this exact weight of hers does not allow her to carry off the scene. Also, he was just building up the scare. A very jarring aberration.

1920 The Movie Review

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