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Ball Girl Great Catch

Ball Girl Great Catch
Ball Girl Great Catch Video Picked Up by MSNBC…

Youtube Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEbJcnjiyH0

The video circulating the Internet these days looks at first like any other snippet of a minor league baseball game, right down to the announcer’s play-by-play banter.

Then comes a hit to left field and, out of nowhere, the ball girl executes an amazing, Spider-Man-like move up the wall to catch the foul ball, tossing it nonchalantly back to a flabbergasted player before taking her seat again.

At this point, the 39-second video seems more like one of those outtakes you might see replayed endlessly on the big screen between innings. In fact, the video in question is an ad for Gatorade, although your only hint that that’s the case is a bottle of the sports drink that the ball girl sips upon taking her seat again.

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