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Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran

Bomb, Bomb Iran

Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran

The fact that John McCain once sang “Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran” to the tune of the 1960s hit Barbara Ann came up again at tonight’s presidential debate. Whatever one makes of this fact, it should be noted that McCain and much of the media have been guilty of perpetuating a pop-cultural misunderstanding in connection with it.

When McCain originally sang those lines on the campaign trail in 2007, (here’s a YouTube clip), he introduced them as “that old Beach Boys song.” Reporters, pundits and others have typically described the incident as McCain parodying a Beach Boys song.

But while the Beach Boys recorded a popular version of Barbara Ann in 1965, the original version was recorded by a group called the Regents and charted in 1961.

Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran

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Steve Jobs Heart Attack

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Heart Attack
Apple has denied a rumor posted on CNN’s iReport page that Steve Jobs suffered a heart attack Friday morning.

The unsubstantiated rumor, posted on the “citizen journalism” section of CNN called iReport, caused a sharp drop in Apple‘s stock price around 7 a.m. PDT before company representatives were able to deny the charge. Blogs such as Silicon Alley Insider initially published the rumor as written on CNN with the 21st century fig leaf–a question mark at the end of the headline–but updated its story after hearing from Apple representatives. CNN has since removed the post in question.

Steve Jobs heart attack

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VP Debate Blog

Sarah Palin

VP Debate Blog

Sen. Joe Biden gave a knowledgeable but restrained performance in Thursday night’s Debate, while Gov. Sarah Palin sought to show that her accomplishments as governor and mayor prove she is qualified to be vice president.

Biden slammed John McCain, saying that “he has been no maverick on the issues that matter to people lives,” but his only challenge to Palin was asking her to articulate a policy on the Iraq war.

Joe Biden, Sarah Palin

Palin pushed her “track record of reform” and said she and McCain are a ” team of mavericks.”

“We’re known for putting partisan politics aside to just get the job done,” she said.

Sarah Palin tried to paint Barack Obama as “dangerous” for being open to meeting with rogue leaders without preconditions.

“An issue like that taken up by a presidential candidate goes beyond naivete and goes beyond poor judgment,” Palin said.

Sarah Palin

VP Debate Blog

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Who Won the Debate Mccain Obama

Who Won the Debate Mccain Obama

McCain, Obama fight for title of ‘most qualified’
In their first head-to-head debate Friday, Sen. John McCain criticized Sen. Barack Obama as a candidate who “doesn’t understand” the key issues the country faces, and Obama linked McCain to President Bush on several issues.

Who Won the Debate Mccain Obama

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