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Chuck Norris wife

 Gena O’Kelley
Chuck Norris Wife Gena O’Kelley

Chuck Norris Wife! Gena O’Kelley

Born: Abt 1968.

* Kelly: (from her previous marriage.)
* Tim: (from her previous marriage.)
* Dakota Alan Norris:
* Danilee Kelly Norris

Courtship, Wedding and Honeymoon with Chuck Norris:

Gena and Chuck met in 1997 on a dinner date in Dallas, Texas. At the time of their marriage, Chuck was 58 years old and Gena was 30 years old.chuck-norris-texas-ranger After receiving premarital counseling, Gena and Chuck were married on November 28, 1998 at The North Church in Carrolton, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. The ceremony was conducted by Pastor Lawrence Kennedy.

Chuck Norris Wife Gena O’Kelley

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