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Google Chrome – Google’s Browser

GOOGLE will launch its new web browser dubbed Chrome early after it accidently sent out a ‘comic book’ style media release.
Google Chrome is set to be the third contender in a new round of “browser wars”, competing with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and its rival Mozilla Firefox.

Chrome is touted to be faster, more stable and more secure than the alternatives and was designed specially for next-generation web content – such as video, web-based games, chat and internet banking.

Vice president of product management Sundar Pichai and engineering director Linus Upson said the company’s developers had set out to “completely rethink” the concept of a web browser.

Google Chrome Browser

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Google Suggest

Google Suggest

Google Suggest goes live, will people like it?
Google SuggestGoogle Suggest is a feature that gives you automatic recommendations when you begin to search for something — it’s eluded the official Google homepage for several years, but today it has finally found it’s way there. The question now, as Philipp Lenssen puts it, is weather it will be useful or annoying in the long run.

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