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Hurricane Ike Damage

Hurricane Ike Damage Widespread

Search and rescue teams are standing by, and plan to move into the affected parts of southeast Texas later today to search for storm victims, 1200 WOAI news reports.

At one point, there had been fears that as many as 40,000 people may have to be rescued…but now that figures appears to be far too high, as the storm has passed metro Houston and there are no widespread reports of casualties, officials say.

“We expected a major storm, and our expectations, unfortunately, came true,” said Mike Miner, a spokesman for Governor Perry.

“It is too early to send search and rescue teams into the devastated areas. They are on stand by. They’re ready to go. The weather needs to clear up a little bite before they can actually go in, take a look around, and see what the actual devastation was.”

The biggest problems facing most residents of metro Houston this morning is a lack of electric power, according to Centerpoint Energy Corp, the region’s electric utility. ‘It has been a really bad night and early Saturday morning on our electrical system,” a spokesman said.

“We’ve got trees knocking power lines down all across the system. At this point, nearly two million customers who receive electricity via power lines are out of service.”

Hurricane Ike Damage

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Hurricane Gustav’s Track and What Has Been Predicted

We sit and we wait as Hurricane Gustav heads toward what one could only hope will still be their home after the storm blows through. Many are wondering about Hurricane Gustav’s track and where it will be heading. The national weather center had reported only moments ago that Hurricane Gustav’s track is headed toward the Gulf of Mexico, as reported by the Jamaica Observer.

Hurricanes are every bit as scary as they sound, and those who may be living though Hurricane Gustav should listen to the news as often as they can for updates.

Here are a few hurricane survival tips:

* Hurricanes have massive winds and can tear through a house in a matter of seconds. If you are facing the event of a hurricane like Gustav you should listen for updates on vacating the area or for where the hurricane is headed.

* There is no exact way of telling where a hurricane could hit but they usually give a pretty accurate location. To be on the safe side, if I was in the surrounding areas I would also leave if there has been a warning to vacate the area.

Hurricane Gustav Track

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