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Kurukshetra Review

Kurukshetra Movie

Kurukshetra Malayalam Movie Review

Kurukshetra is one of those exceptional war action dramas that is rich in rewards and insights. This hard-hitting film is a fitting tribute not just to the much-loved soldiers we have lost in combat, but also to the departed souls who spilled their blood across the LOC.

Almost ten years since diplomacy backed up with determination and force saw the Indian flag fly high once again over the rocky terrains of Kashmir, Kurukshetra endeavors to recapture those decisive operational and strategic modi operandi of the Indian Armed Forces that led the country and its people to a proud conquest. After a pretty sluggish start, the film moves ahead in full steam as Colonel Mahadevan (Mohan Lal) nobly pilots his troops up the Kargil Mountains to victory and golden history.

Kurukshetra Malayalam Movie Review

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