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Sister Alphonsa

Who was Sister Alphonsa?

Sister Alphonsa

Till a few days back, very few people outside Kerala would have heard of Sister Alphonsa. But now, almost 100 years after her birth, she will be canonised by the Vatican.

The Sister became the blessed Alphonsa after her beatification in Kottayam in 1986 by Pope John Paul II; and once a miracle was attributed to her, the path to sainthood was clear.

Sister’s short life – she died at the age of 36 – was full of physical suffering. Her followers believe that she performed miracles during her lifetime, but it was really after her death that her movement towards sainthood gathered momentum. (Watch)

She was buried at Bharananganam, at a graveyard that was later turned into a chapel. And the faithful truly believe that if they pray here, she will intercede on their behalf.

In the run up to Sister Alphonsa’s canonisation, crowds have been pouring in to this shrine. They believe the woman buried here can intercede with God and they attribute miracles to her help.

But who is this woman who can inspire such devotion and faith?

The young Anna, known to her family as Annakutty, lost her mother within weeks of her birth in 1910. She was brought up at the affluent family home of her maternal aunt.


Who was Sister Alphonsa?

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